Female and Facing 50? There’s never been a better time for it. Here’s why.

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By the ridiculous age of what… 16,17, or even earlier, we’re expected to know exactly what we want to do for the rest of our life. Some of us aspire to be doctors, teachers or housewives…

Nas Daily was also invited to Malta, by a government who has since been directly implicated in the murder of a journalist. http://www.independent.com.mt/articles/2019-01-03/local-news/No-MTA-funding-for-last-Nas-Daily-video-but-authority-will-help-in-other-ways-6736201538 the guy is only out to make money - which is not bad in itself, but to disrespect culture and to do it JUST for the money will eventeventually be his downfall

I might not agree with everything you said here, but people are seriously hurtful with their rushed and nasty comments. What Tim is saying is what he went through and what he thinks. The fact that some of you can't respond in a kind and respectful way, albeit in disagreement, is exactly why some people - and I include myself - have had trouble getting back on our feet. You can be assertive without being cruel. Or being an asshole.

Why I’m sick and tired of hearing about side hustles

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‘Hustle — to make someone move quickly by pushing or pulling them along’ explains the Cambridge English Dictionary.

Merriam Webster (since 1828) describes ‘hustle’ as ‘to crowd or push roughly’, ‘ to convey forcibly or hurriedly’; ‘to urge forward precipitately’, ‘to sell or promote energetically and aggressively’.

The feeling you…

‘We never lose our demons, Modo, we only learn to live above them’

Picture taken by the author (that’s me!)

Yesterday evening found me snuggled on the sofa ogling Benedict Cumberbatch in his role as Dr Strange. I thought I was winding down for the day, but then I heard ‘We never lose our demons, Modo, we only learn to live above them’. …

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